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PaperCut’s print management and print accounting software is being utilized now by many organizations across North America and the World.

PaperCut™ provides a number of attractive features for controlling and tracking print activity. Some notable features that are commonly used by school boards include:

  • Advanced scripting: The ability to print for free during class time.
  • Advanced scripting: Teacher approved colour printing.
  • Advanced scripting: Compliance and enforcement of duplex printing (to help save paper).
  • Refillable & voucher based printing cards for students
  • Create, modify and manage existing departments & groups
  • A custom online interface that integrates easily with a college intranet
  • Print Tracking
  • Policy Management
  • Reports
  • User Tools
  • Mobile and BYOD Printing

Although originally designed for Schools and Learning Environments, the software is being utilized across a broader range of organizations. Papercut™ is helping School Boards and IT departments gain more control  over their printer activity and costs, allowing for better cost and resource management across the departments and organizations.

Cut Waste and Your Carbon Footprint

Encourage responsible printing with quotas and print policies, cutting paper and toner costs and power usage. At-a-glance reporting on CO and carbon emissions – by CO volume or by tree – shows the impact


Apply Print Policies Enterprise-Wide

Printing requests are intercepted at the print server to control jobs according to policies that encourage or enforce good behavior. Use job filtering to advanced scripting (JavaScript) to implement policies and improve device utilization.


Mobile and BYOD Printing

Allow users to print from whatever BYOD or mobile device at their disposal. No matter the operating system, their location, the file format or the brand of printer, PaperCut has simple solutions to solve all these. All solutions integrate into PaperCut’s standard print charging/accounting/quota process.


Monitor and Report on Usage

Real-time monitoring and reports address all areas of print/copy/fax/ scan management, ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact. PaperCut  offers more than 50 reports out of the box, in PDF, HTML or Microsoft Excel (.csv) format. Access reports from any web browser, or schedule them to be automatically generated and emailed. You can set up reports to use your own header, and create reports with custom data by specifying date
ranges, filtering and sorting by the data available.

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