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Hi, i'm William the owner, the CEO, the guy in the chair, the one man show.

First of all, I have to thank my mother for bringing me to work with her when i was a kid.  Boy did I loved thoses old Toshiba copiers!!  I was not even in high school and I was able to tell the repair guy what was wrong with the copier at my mom's office.  To a point where the service guy had to ask my mother to keep me busy somewhere else when he was coming over to do the maintenance.  I guess that's where it all started, my passion for printing.

Today i own my own little print shop as a home office. YAY me!  I was on the verge of getting commercial space but someone somewhere decided that it would be fun to open a certain vial containing a certain virus.  So commercial space will have to wait.

Basicly I did not create Multi-Doc, to rip people off and empty your pockets.  I created it because I love doing what I do.

Hope to see you soon :)