Frequently Asked Questions


  • What type of paiment you take?

Debit, credit, cash, money order, crypto thru the website

  • When I look on Google I see a residential house?

Yes it's normal it's my home office ... for now ...

  • Often I get a "Non negative number required" when I try to pass an order?

It's a known issue between NopCommerce and MySql, a fix is in progress and will be out sometime before 2022.  You can always email us your order.

  • I have issues uloading my files?

If you have issues uloading your files, you can still confirm your order and email us your files or uses a file transfer service (like wetransfer)

  • Why is there a transactional fee on my invoice?

The transactional fee reflected on invoices is half of the fee we pay for the transaction thru the selected merchant.

  • I am not receiving your email?

Please whitelist and in your spam OR check your junk mail folder

  • What is production time speed?

There is 3 level, normal production time, there is "I need it today" and "I need it yesterday" which means "do it now"!

  • Do I have to make an appointment or I can just show up at anytime?

Totally up to you, by taking an appointment you ensure yourself that someone will be here.

  • For how long an estimate is good for?

Unfortunatly, due to prices fluctuations due to supply chains  issues, estimates are only valid for 30 days.

  • I need emergency printing outside of business hours what will it cost me?

Starting january 2022, if emergency printing needed outside of business hours, a 15$/hour charge (by increments of 15 minutes) will be charged on top of regular fees.