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Document Scanning – Index, OCR and Searchable PDF Documents

Imagine being able to “google” any document in your organization based on a keyword or number reference. With OCR recognition software, you are able to search for your scanned documents by any name or number reference.

Scanning and Imaging:
Documents are scanned into Searchable PDF format (Optical Character Recognition indexes all text, keyword and number references contained in the document).

Key Benefits:

Security & Disaster Recovery:
Easy backup & storage offsite

Productivity Gains:
You are no longer manually digging through file cabinets when trying to locate a document

Documents can be viewed by many people within your office or from remote off-site locations

Documents don’t become lost since there is no need to re-file

Space Efficiency:
Save office and cabinet space in your office / workplace

Cost Savings:
Employee and company resources are free from the manual handling, filing and re-filing of paper documents

Environmental Sustainability:
Documents are printed and copied at less of a frequency due to access by staff across the network

At Multi-Doc we have developed an efficient process to transfer all paper documents to a digital format. We then organize each file accordingly. We specialize in organizing medical documents, client files, loose paper, binders. At Multi-Doc we are able to process large volumes of paper. We also organize the digital format according to our clients.

You will no longer have to worry about losing paper files, choosing to go Green, saving office space and will increase work productivity.

Feel free to email us regarding your scanning projects.

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