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Hi, I’m William the owner of Multi-Doc.  I remember when I was a kid, I used to go help my mom a lot at her work. I remember those old alcool manual machines that you had to crank manually to make copies.  And them came the first copy machines, it was a revolution.  I guess it caught my attention too.  When the first automatic duplex copiers came out, I wanted to have one!!  To a point that, at my mom’s office, the Toshiba service tech had to ask my mother to keep me out of the way because i had my head and my hands in the machine more than him.

Logo 2017
Our first logo back in 2017

Then came high school and college.  Graduated as a computer tech with network admin specialization.  Had a very long relationship with a telecom company for 15 years, then I decided I had enough and wanted to see the country.  Packed up and drove to Vancouver Island, stayed for a year there and came back.

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2018 Logo

Got a job as a print operator for a sub contractant of a plane manufacturer.  I was printing between 5 000 and 100 000 copies per night.  After 6 months, I could tell which of the 4 Ricoh digital presses was taking the last sheet out of its drawer.  After a year the service guys were giving me the codes to change pieces myself in them.  After 2 years I got bored of the non-reconnaissance  from management and decided to go get a business degree.

2019 logo
2019 logo

And there came Multi-Doc!!

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