How to Get Your Retail Store Ready for the End of the Lockdown

How to Get Your Retail Store Ready for the End of the Lockdown

How to Get Your Retail Store Ready for the End of the Lockdown


It’s a scary time for any kind of retailer right now.
For most stores, business has ground to a complete halt. And for any shop that’s not selling online, the balance sheets are worrying.
But there’s a light at the end of tunnel (we hope). The government is already in talks to make plans for a lockdown exit strategy that could mean re-opening shops in the next few months.
So if you’re running a retail business, you need to be ready to make the most of the time when shoppers return to the streets. And right now, you’ve probably got lots of spare time to prepare.
We’ve put together a few simple tips to help you revamp your displays and your in-store marketing – so you can draw in shoppers, maximise your sales, and secure repeat business.

Shopping starts on the street

If all goes well, there’ll be a big rush of shoppers hitting the streets when the lockdown ends. And that means you’ve got a huge opportunity to catch them at their most receptive.
They’ll be out and about after a long time indoors, actively looking for interesting places to go. So now more than ever, your store window and street-facing displays need to be bold and attractive.
That means making sure your store-front window has:

• Your most unique and desirable products – arranged in a creative and eye-catching way
  • A taster from every product range your store offers – to appeal to as many people as possible
  • Bright and bold printed posters with strong messaging (and your most enticing special offers!).

But it’s not just a case of throwing a few products onto a stand. Designing a store window display is an in-depth craft – and you can find loads of inspiration by looking at your local high-end department stores (or just by searching for ‘store windows’ on places like Pinterest).

The in-store journey is no accident

When a hungry post-lockdown shopper enters your store, they should immediately know where to go to find what interests them. And if you can put yourself in their shoes – by walking into your own store with the mindset of a fresh new visitor – you can start to create the most natural set of paths they’re likely to take.

That could mean thinking about things like:

  • Guiding your shoppers to the areas they need with floor stickers
  • Grouping relevant products close together (like different garments that form a complete look)
  • Using the height of your displays to stay visible in a store filled with people (eg. tall roller banners that reach 2 metres high).
  • Putting your slow-movers front and centre (people usually buy what they see!).

Just like your store window display, the design of a customer’s journey through your store is a huge area of study – and it might take several rounds of testing and experimentation before you find a set-up that works.
But if you’re looking for a guide to get you started quickly, you can find some in-depth tips from the experts of visual merchandising at Shopify.

Ready to bounce back from a retail slump?

The national lockdown is a tough time for any retailer.
But if you can make the most of your time now to prepare and strengthen your business, you’ll be able to put yourself in the best possible position to make a quick recovery when things start getting back to normal.

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