The Story

How Multi-Doc was born

Hi I am William the owner of Multi-Doc.  I founded Multi-Doc in 2017 for a lot of reasons but majorly to be my own boss.

I remember when i was a kid, I used to help my mom a lot at her work  and she was a school secretary for over 40 years.  When i was bored I went and do filing and photocopies.  But back in the days, the copy machine were not as advanced as today.  I remember when they got their first copier with integrated duplex.  I was more excited than the staff itself.  To a point where the repair guy had to ask my mother to keep me out of his way because i had my head and my arms in the copy machine more than the tech himself.


2017 Logo

2017 Logo

Then came high school and college where i got a degree as a computer tech with network administration specialization.  Worked for 15 years for a tech rep in a major telecom company.  Decided I had enough so moved on to a print company.  Was responsible for maintaining 4 digital presses and running a huge print job varying between 20 000 and 150 000 copies per night.  Then got tired of being on a payroll and at the bottom of the chain.

2018 Logo

2018 Logo

Multi-Doc is  not here to empty your pockets and pay huge commercial banner while people stand in line waiting to be served.  We here because we love doing it and to help businesses to let their IT departments breath more.  Also to offer a copy shop for everybody’s copy needs and to help with digital transition with our awesome document management.

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What our clients have to say

Great quality, very low prices.

John Smith

Fast, professional, friendly, for any printing need, don’t hesitate! Impeccable service.

Mark Smith

A very good company to trust!

Micheal Strombach
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