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About Multi-Doc

Hello, I am William the founder of Multi-Doc.

I created Multi-Doc in order to revive copy centers with no minimum purchase. It's not everyone who wants to manage printers at home. Without ignoring the mountain of waste produced by home printers. The cartridges are empty, it is cheaper to throw away the printer and buy a new one for 5 pages per month.

Multi-Doc is based on inkjet technology. Why? Laser printers are extremely polluting, the toner is made up of plastic particles which is baked at a temperature of 350F. In addition, parts used three quarters of the time are not even recyclable. Laser technology came after the inkjet and has not evolved for decades. The inkjet was the first on the market, and is constantly evolving. It's easier to mix liquids to create color than it is to mix powder, right?

My passion for printing comes from when I was a child and I went to mom's office. The first photocopiers of the 90s. It was absolutely magical and magnificent when these beasts were able to do both sides automatically. I remember the technician came to do maintenance on the photocopiers and mom forbade me to go bother the technician because I had my head and my hands in the machine more than him.

Computer technician, specialized in network management training with 15 years in telecommunications and a few years as a document specialist.

The more you print, the more you save !!